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Big Brand Outlet Review

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1424 Gympie Rd, Aspley QLD 4034
(07) 3263 9499

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Jayde Turvey on Dec 2015.
Rating: 2 out of 5

5 out of 5! Fantastic service! The girls in there are very helpful! They helped me choose colours to match my space without being pushy or expecting a sale! Very happy with my new lounge room furniture and couch at half the cost! Thank you!

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Anonymous on Oct 2015.
Rating: 0 out of 5

Very poor service, placed an order on 14 th October can't deliver until 3 November, then reduced the price. Also they make illegal claims that affect your consumer rights

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Annon on Jul 2014.
Rating: 0 out of 5

Trading hours for Big Brand Outlet -
Monday - Friday 9 -5.30
Saturday 9 -5
Sunday 10-4
Not to be confused with the other company called BFO - totally different retailers (you'll know the difference)

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Mike on Jul 2014.
Rating: 0 out of 5

You need a web site with opening hours - also an answerfone message when you are closed. Basic customer communication and service people that is losing you business! I people don;t know when you are open they won't come!

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Janine on Jun 2014.
Rating: 5 out of 5

fantastic service, down to earth, honest and helpful finding the right pieces you are looking for. Bargain prices !! Bought a buffet with a slight scratch (which you wont even see anyway) on the side for approx 70% off retail price. Very happy with purchase and will be back.

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Christian on May 2014.
Rating: 0 out of 5

Really happy with the service and quality. Easy to get a great price on discontinued and slightly damages stock. We recently moved and replaced a lot of our furniture and saved thousands.

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Martina on Mar 2014.
Rating: 0 out of 5

I went in couple of weeks ago as I was looking for Freedom dining chairs which are now discontinued. I rang prior to my visit, and was told that they have them in stock. When I arrived, staff was friendly and very helpful. I picked 8 chairs with help of one of sale assistants, I also found table, and buffet I liked. Everyone I dealt with was professional and friendly. I even got discount without asking for it. I saved $3000 on my dining furniture (comparing to Freedom). It was delivered 3 days later, in excellent condition, and drivers texted me day before and 30 minutes prior their arrival. Very happy customer. I am not sure if I would get sofa, as all of them on display looked used.

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Eloise Thorpe on Mar 2014.
Rating: 1 out of 5

I have never before dealt with a company as unprofessional and disappointing as BFO. We purchased a queen bed & mattress that was to be delivered on the nominated day. On this day my partner called the store to obtain a estimated delivery time. As both my partner and I work full time, BFO said we would receive a phone call 30 minutes prior to delivery. They did make a call which my partner missed, no message was left and delivery was attempted all WITHIN this 30 minute period. My partner called the driver and the store within 20 minutes of missing their call, to be told delivery was attempted and would not be re-delivered for another two days. My partner offered to pay another delivery fee as we needed this bed for guests that were due to stay. This offer was also declined. I then contacted the store to see what arrangements could be made for same day delivery and was spoken to appallingly in a degrading, standover manner. I was addressed as 'darling' by the stores manager whos demeanour and attitude resembled that of a slimmy used car salesman. When i said that delivery for two days later may not suit as no one would be home and we may need a refund, i was told in no uncertain terms that they "dont do" refunds. So we purchased a product, paid in full, havent received the product due to BFO not making a call 30 minutes prior or giving an estimated delivery time, and are therefore not entitled to a refund?? I have contacted The Office of Fair Trading and will be lodging a complaint and requesting a refund if we do not receive a phone call 30mins prior to delivery in two days time. I have purchased countless items over the years from Harvey Norman, Freedom, even Super Amart and have never had this experience with their staff, deliveries or products. I will never step foot in a BFO store again and would not reccommend this unreliable, substanded store and customer service to anyone. Do yourself a favour, pay the extra and shop elsewhere!

Followup Comment By David on Aug 2014.
Wow how stupid can people be just read what you said they did everything they promised and you ignored a ph call then abuse them all for your own stupidity !!! I sell electrical and put up with stupid people like you every day ! It's people like you that make every one else pay more maybe answere your ph they do mobile ones now and maybe if you tell someone you are going to be there you will be !! I'm sure there drivers only get paid on what they deliver o you are hurting everyone just selfish !! I will go shop there just because you want be there .

Followup Comment By Rand on Apr 2015.
Good work mate, they MISSED a phone call, tried to correct the issue and got abused. Please let people know where you sell electrical goods cos if that's how you react to people you must be worst than this company

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Anonymous on Jan 2014.
Rating: 0 out of 5

Wish you had your trading hours published ...

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Vanessa on Dec 2013.
Rating: 0 out of 5

In January 2012 we bought a white leather lounge suite for a good deal $1999, however we have since found out that is bonded leather and have numerous cracks throughout and peeling. Not a happy customer at all. We will be advising all our friends not to go there as we were told it was 100% real leather!!!

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Tash on Nov 2013.
Rating: 0 out of 5

We recently bought a a couple items here and I thought the customer service was very friendly and helpful, we are very happy with our 3 seater leather lounge and were looking for a certain dining table and received a call a couple of weeks later saying one was in store in great condition and they could hold on to it so that I could come in to look at it- and it was, so we bought that one also, to tell you the truth not many stores would look after you that way and for a second s furniture store who could complain??? I will be back for sure ;)

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Chris on Sep 2013.
Rating: 0 out of 5

I bought 2 *overstock* Bay Leather Republic lounges about a yr or so ago I totally love themmmmmmmmm and the owner listened to my concern with wondering if i could fit them through my doors being standard size he assured me they would and they did plus he offered to take back if they didnt that was never forgotten by me and i am needing more items for my new house soon i be heading right back there for them. Sales staff were lovely too nothing was a problem down to earth. Delivery guys were friendly enough just got the stuff in and left lol but not rude so all around i can recommend them highly ! Prices are good also and stock comes and goes so be quick if you really want something :) Parking is a bit dodgy but go on opening and you be ok ..... Love this place !

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Jayne on May 2013.
Rating: 0 out of 5

Fantastic service and amazing variety at great prices. We were served by an amazing lady named Tanya - nothing was a problem and she made sure we got the best prices. A+++ we will be back

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Anonymous on Apr 2013.
Rating: 0 out of 5

I think that some of the staff could improve with their customer service. Not the most friendly atmosphere to shop in, but they do sometimes have some good prices, but still too expensive in my mind.

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Mark Phillips on Apr 2013.
Rating: 0 out of 5

What a fantastic store, the staff were polite, friendly and helpful. We bought a 2.5 and 2 seater sofa set that was an ex freedom display, was also on special at the time. It was delivered on time and the driver was helpful and pleasant. After unpacking, yes they wrapped it in plastic, we noticed some structural damage to the lounge, we called the store and they asked if we could send photos to show what was wrong...4 days later a sofa repairman was on our doorstop and fixed the item, no charge. We will happily go back and shop there again and will highly recommend this store also. Word of advice to the civil..and you'll get it sorted out!!

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Anonymous on Mar 2013.
Rating: 0 out of 5

Freedom should be ashamed as this is there store it's mostly second hand returns from there customers can be years old but they don't tell you that ! And that lady manager what a mouth when she is not smoking she is swearing good job freedom !!! You must be proud

Followup Comment By julie on Apr 2013.
Enter your message here. Yes I bought one of those lounges. I paid around $2000. And it had food crumbs and chewing gum inside the cushions. I could have got one for less than half the price on gumtree. Shame on them.

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Karla on Jul 2012.
Rating: 0 out of 5

I purchased a Beautiful 3 piece white leather lounge suite last year. After 2 days the legs collapsed on the 2 seater. They took it back for repair. I feel I should have been offered a refund as I did not pay for a faulty product. This couch is still not right- sags in middle. Whole set over $2500 and is now sitting in a spare room. We purchased a replacement lounge suite from another company. My dad also bought a few things and when delivered they backed into his big brick letterbox lifting the cement- they couldn't care less. Be warey - have never shopped there again

Followup Comment By Anonymous on Jul 2012.
Hi, i have shopped with these guys in the past and found them to be helpful. Maybe try giving them a call to sort it out.

Followup Comment By Megan on Sep 2012.
Trust me, theres no point calling up with any issues you had with your purchase. Once they have recieved your money they couldnt care less.

I am having the same issue with a bed I had just purchased but the staff memeber on the phone has telepathic abilities to read his state managers mind before he even calls him.

"I can tell you now there will be nothing we can do for you"

Followup Comment By I\'m Shocked on Sep 2012.
You're an idiot. that's why you get bad customer service.

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Martin Elliott on Jun 2012.
Rating: 0 out of 5

We saw a leather lounge 3 seater we really liked,we said it was a shame that they did not have a 2 seater as well.The manager assured us she could have a 2 seater in stock within 10 working days.We agreed to this and were told we had to pay up front.No worries,paid for both 2 and 3 seater and took the 3 seater home that day.This was back in April,it is now the 13th June and to date I have not had a phone call from theses guys,I have rung them on several occasions only to be assured it would be in soon.I certainly wopn't be shopping here again,it's a shame as they have some nice gear at reasonable prices.

Followup Comment By Martin Elliott on Jun 2012.
In follow up to this post I wrote earlier.After speaking further with the manager(who was very nice)I was forwarded a copy of emails that were requesting the lounge from Sydney.It is now apparent that it was a stuff up from Sydney end all along(would have saved a lot of stress had info been conveyed though).So now it has arrived and we have been offered free delivery as a way of apology.So I take back what I said and will shop here again!!
Thanks Tanya from Aspley store for sorting this out.

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Big Brand Outlet Reviewed by Michelle Dawson on Jan 2012.
Rating: 3 out of 5

I picked up a coffee table on Saturday morning (31/12/11) at Aspley and in the process of the storeman loading it he damaged the back of my ute. He didn't discuss or ask how he was going to load it, in fact I got up onto the dock to help him when it became evident that he was attempting to drag it into the ute with no protection on either the coffee table or the ute. This caused a mark on the edge of the ute about 3 cm long where the paint was scraped off onto the coffee table - luckily the underneath of the coffee table. I had the necessary fabric there to use to protect the vehicle but was not asked and didn\'t have the chance to say - to a certain extent I trusted the storeman. When the damage was done I said to the storeman that that was what I didn't want to happen - he said sorry but now I am left with a repair job on the ute. I am seeking some sort of recompense - it is not good enough that people don't respect other people\'s property enough to do their job proper!
ly. It is not like there was a hurry - it was first thing in the morning and there was no one else waiting. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Followup Comment By bob on Nov 2013.
you buy cheap, you get the equivalent service. pay full price and then you have the rightto winge

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